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Winter Shuttle bus

A free shuttle runs every 15 minutes between the village center and "La Cry" car park (at the bottom of the slopes).

The "Cuchet" Car Park

This car park is located at the bottom of "Les Portes du Mont Blanc" ski slopes. 217 spaces are available, including 7 disabled parking spaces: 6 places directly alongside the ski slopes, and 1 next to the toilets.

The Ambassadors

Every day, the ambassadors on the ski area "les Portes du Mont-Blanc", are present on the slopes to guide you, give you information and pass on your comments to service of the ski resort.

"Les Brons" car park

"Les Brons" car park is located at the top of Combloux, next to the main ski pass sale point and child-care centre "Les Loupiots". 353 parking spaces, including 5 spaces for disabled persons.

Indoor picnic room (with heating) les Brons

Fans of the 'winter picnic' will find a warm room with tables and chairs at La Cry, (at the bottom of "Les Portes du Mt-Blanc" ski slopes).

"La Cry" car park

"La Cry" car park is located at the top of Combloux, next to the French Ski School, sports shops and at the bottom of "Les Portes du Mont-Blanc" ski slopes. 100 parking spaces available, including 4 spaces for disabled persons

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