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Farm "Les Montagnards"

An educational farm with numerous pigs, cows, goats and young calves. Discover how the local Reblochon cheese is made and all the rudiments of the agricultural profession.

AJNA Beauty

Wellness, beauty treatments, energy treatments (reiki).

Bernard Antoine Cie

Heating - sanitary - plumbing- heat pump certified Quali'pac 2020.

Joly-Pottuz Jeweller's

Design, fabrication and repair of bespoke jewellery and watches. Fabrication of the Megève and Savoy Crosses, and snow crystal jewellery. Engravings, birth jewellery, Tissot, Swatch, Pandora…

Jeandet Sports

Ideally located at the foot of the "Princesse" cable car, the best brands on the market to hire and a wide range of accessories. Ski service: robot, stone and ceramic sharpening. Hired equipment is kept warm overnight.

SAS Marin Maurice Landscaper

Maucice Marin Landscaper was created in 1971 and is divided into 4 sectors of activity: the creation & maintenance of parks and gardens, firewood and snow removal.

Butcher's shop, cooked meats, caterer "Chez Flo"

Butcher's shop, cooked meats, caterer "Fiquet" : handmade products.

"Aux délices de Combloux" Bakery

SARL Tavian Patregnani

Leveling, demolition and snow clearance.

SAS Patregnani Sylvain

Company specialised in masonry, demolition, sawing, stone cladding, and reinforced concrete.

Regen'Air & Sens: Naturopathy - Lifestyle - Reflexology

Naturopathic practitioner, lifestyle specialist in naturopathy for women, pediatric naturopathy and Chinese energy reflexologist. Naturopathy is a holistic health approach that considers the individual as a whole.

Aqua Dream Mont-Blanc

Aqua Dream Mont-Blanc is a family-owned company specializing in wellness facilities. Come and meet them on their showroom in Combloux for your spa, sauna, hammam or swimming pool project.