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Borini bus

Passengers transport - With more than 50 years of expertise, Autocars Borini transport you across borders in comfort. Let yourself be guided by our tailor-made services to support you in your projects in complete safety.

Osteopath : Frank Sébastien "Mont-Blanc Ostéopathie"

Qualified osteopath, receiving babies to adults.

Medical practice

General practice, radiology, trauma unit. Cabinet located in the medical house. You will find 3 doctors on site. Wheelchair access thanks to the ramp, sliding doors ...

Taxi Bottollier-Pissard

Family-run taxi company providing 6 air-conditioned vehicles including two 9-seater minibuses. We provide transfers to Geneva's airports, stations, disabled transport and mountain refuge transport on request (4x4 taxi).

Osteopath: Marie-Amélie Grenier

Ms Grenier is an Osteopath DOF-DOE, awarded a diploma by the "Ecole Supérieure d'ostéopathie de Paris" and awarded a diploma by the "Société Internationale d'Ostéopathie de Genève".

Montenbus Combloux

Go around the Mont-Blanc region with Montenbus, transport service on demand by Borini.Suscribe then book your trip and that's it! With Montenbus, move with ease!

The Silvain Estate Agency

Bernadette, Monique and Sabine welcome you and help you finding an apartment to rent or to buy. You can also sell or rent your own apartment via this agency.

Bank "Crédit Agricole des Savoie"

24-hour self-serve cash point. Crédit Agricole des Savoie advises you and supports you with all your projects: savings, real estate and consumer loans, wealth management, e-cash flow, insurance ...

Nursing Office - Menneboo et Dervaux

Two nurses are available by appointments, 7 days a week. To book your appointment, please call or visit the nursery directly.

Easy Résa, services to property owners

Easy Résa, the holiday rentals management service for owners of furnished apartments and hotels.

Child-care centre "Les Loupiots"

"Les Loupiots" child-care centre ( winter season only) is located at the bottom of the slopes in La Cry, and welcomes children from the age of 12 months to 6 years old. It is open 7 days a week. Access : Free shuttle from Combloux - La Cry.


Reach Combloux from Geneva. Departure every days. Book in advance on www.flixbus.fr