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Panorama of the Mont-Blanc massif

From Combloux village itself, enjoy a variety of scenic views of beautiful Mont-Blanc, Fiz and Aravis mountain ranges.

Company Laurenzio Granits - Granite/stone-cutter

Combloux's own stone carvers and Granite specialists for four generations; the Laurenzio family has been working in the Mont Blanc area since 1967 and is well known for their working methods, ethics and for their astounding results.

Pathway "the story of the granite men"

The path (approximately 1km long) is located at the entrance of Combloux when you come from Sallanches. It goes along a forest where you will still find granite carried and left by glaciers 15 000 years ago.

La Cry viewpoint indicator

La Cry viewpoints indicator helps you enjoying a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, and identifying the Fiz, Aravis and Mont-Blanc mountain ranges.

The viewpoints indicator by the Bio Lake

The viewpoints indicator and the binoculars found on the viewing platform overlooking the Bio Lake will help you discovering the names of the surrounding peaks and identifying the Fiz, Aravis and Mont-Blanc mountain ranges. You can also see part of the Arve valley.

Basseville viewpoint indicator

The Basseville viewpoint indicator will help you finding out the surrounding peaks' names and identifying the Fiz and Mont-Blanc mountain ranges.

"Le Bois des Mélèzes" site

The postcard of Combloux : it's the place to be... where all photographers stop to take their most beautiful pictures of the village of Combloux with the Mont-Blanc massif as a background.