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Farm visit 'Les Montagnards"

Delphine will share with you her passion for animals and give you the secrets of the reblochon production, before having the chance to taste it! You will be carrying in agricultural life.

Discovery of the village with a horse-drawn carriage ride

Enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and discovery, during one hour, the differents village landscapes.

Guided visit in French "Everything turns in the Isidore Farm"

Mountain Trott for the whole family

Embark with us on an adventure rush of 9 km downhill accompanied by our instructors !

The Combloux Weekly Market

You can buy a variety of local products directly from our farmers.

Farm visit "GAEC Val Mont-Blanc"

The Paget family will share with you their passion and love for agricultural life and show you their traditional farm. They will tell you how cheese is made and invite you to taste it.

Find your Easter eggs on your electric MTB !!

Join us for a unique and exceptional Easter egg hunt on your electric mountain bike through Megève !

Guided tour (in French) of the granite stonemasonery business "Laurenzio"

Discover the trade of being a granite stonemason... Find out about how they extract the granite from various sources, to what the finished product becomes... From a kitchen work top or a chimney, to ice cubes!) An ancient know-how perfectly aligned with modern technology.

Pilates & Stretching lessons

Ludivine Mabboux proposes muscular building, stretching and pilates in collective or individual lessons on request. Accessible to everyone !

Pilates on a fitness ball

Ludivine Mabboux offers courses of muscle building, stretching and pilates on a fitness ball in collective or courses for group or individual on request. Accessible to everyone !


Take part in Zumba classes with Ludivine Mabboux. Zumba is a dance and fitness programme involving dance and aerobic movements on latino rhythms. Don't forget to bring your gym shoes !

Guided visit : Treasure of Combloux"

Spend some time as a family and discover how the inhabitants of Combloux used to live. This visit around an old farm is like taking a step back in time, and will show you not only what was their daily lives, but what they used to wear and how they celebrated their traditions, then the ecological lake and the Palace PLM.

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