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Snowshoes "Les Grands champs... de Neige"

Walk between pastures and forests to discover, near Megève, a virgin area of lifts, inserted between the slopes of Mont-d'Arbois and La Princesse. 250m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoes "Le Planay blue cascade"

A stunning blue cascade and a lovely chapel. 100m ascents - 2 hours walk.

Snowshoeing "Les Aravis massif" - Full day hike

From the "Charvin" to "La Pointe Percée", the Aravis mountain range offers amazing panoramas. If you are lucky enough, you can also spot chamois, eagles, rabbits or foxes. 500m ascents - 5 hours walk.

Snowshoeing "Clairières et torrents de Fontaine Froide"

Easy walk between forests, clearings and frozen mountain streams. Hidden and quiet path with varied fauna and flora. A stop will be made for a cup of tea in front of Mont-Blanc. 150m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoeing "Bacré, au coeur du Mont-d'Arbois"

Nice walk through forests and meadows at the bottom of Mont-Joly. Easy walk with a great variety of landscapes. 180m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoes outing "Col des Aravis"

Not far from the Savoyard village of La Giettaz, the coolness of the place contrasts with the warmth of the landscapes and the beauty of the surrounding massifs. 250m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoeing "Les chamois de Crépinière"

From an alpine pasture, you will observe mountain animals thanks to our telescope. 200m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoeing "Réon au pays des pralines"

In Praz-sur-Arly, discover a beautiful hamlet with its traditional farms, a place where stags and hinds live. 200m ascents - Approximately 2h30 walk.

Snowshoeing "La forêt variée du Stiard"

Nice walking loop in a beautiful forest with light and shadow, until an unexpected alpine pasture. 150m ascent - 2h walk. With Marie-Claude et Rémy.

Snowshoeing "Sur les bisons"

A bucolic walk from a little hamlet called "Le Planay", with its XVIIIth century chapels. You will discover the untouched open spaces of the countryside in a quiet environment. In front of us on the "Sasse" pasture, a herd of bisons has replaced the traditional herd of cows. 250m ascents - 2h30 walk.

Snowshoeing "Le cirque de la Côte 2000"

Come and meet the chamois and the eagle. To spot this fauna, you will have to walk in an impressive setting, under the Aiguille Croche's north face. Snow conditions are always good up there! 150m ascents - 2 hours walk.

Snowshoeing "Evening hikes with regional diner"

After a walk by the light of your headlight, you will taste a Savoyard diner in a mountain restaurant. 150m ascents - 2 hours walk. Extra cost: approximately 25€/person (cash or cheque) will be asked for the meal.

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