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AJNA Beauty

Wellness, beauty treatments, energy treatments (reiki).

Maternity Yoga

Maternity yoga: yoga suitable for pregnant women, is a powerful help to live your pregnancy and childbirth as harmoniously as possible.

Sacred Female Yoga

Course offered by Christine Haristoy

Beauty and wellness at home

MOMENT OF HOME RELAXATION Enjoy a relaxing time at home. After your day of skiing or hiking, or just for fun, treat yourself to the benefits of a personalized massage.

Snowshoes & Yoga

Nice walk with view of surrounding summits. Breathing, easy stretching exercises adapted to snowshoeing. Accessible to anyone, no need to know yoga.

Yoga classes

Yoga is a way of life based on relaxation and well-being, suitable to anyone, adults, children and teenagers.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a Chinese energetic gymnastics resulting from Traditional Medicine based on slow movements performed in consciousness at the rhythm of breathing. Course offered by Karine Perrin.

Juan Carlos Machuca - Wellness massage

Stress, fatigue, muscular tension ... Wellness massage is the solution for you! Juan Carlos Machuca, 10 years work experience in wellness massage offers: Swedish, sports and hot stone massage.

Maternity yoga

Course offered by Christine Haristoy : Live your pregnancy and your child birth in full awarness and confidence.

Health care with Monique BRECHES

Energy Therapist & Ayurvedic Therapist Practitioner Access Consciousness ® Certified Practitioner of Reiki Usui, Master Teacher Care adapted to the person according to the present moment.

Mini cures and Ayurvedic treatments - Health check up according to Ayurveda

"Ayurveda" is a way of life, a way of living better as an individual, and in a society. "Ayur" means life, strength. "Veda" means knowledge...of health, life balance, well-being, longevity and philosophy for example.


Gentle and natural ancestral therapy, therapeutic and relaxing, which accompanies children, adults, seniors and athletes to a state of well-being and balance, which helps to relieve and prevent many functional disorders.

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